Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet Winston

Winston Churchill Phillips
3 lbs. 3 oz. 13 in.
When Andy asked me for a dog I said absolutely not. No way, no how, not ever!...Obviously, I gave in. And now we have Winston. After I saw that cute little face of gold, I just couldn't be mad. He melts hearts everywhere he goes. He's lovable friendly and cuddly. He'll play so hard until he literally drops dead and falls asleep in a matter of seconds. We love our little guy!

Drops dead fast asleep in 2 second after hard play with chew toy.

Asleep in Daddy's Arms

How can anyone say no to that face?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Andy left for New Zealand about a week ago. I am all by my lonesome and miss him like crazy! Okay so I'm not completely alone...I have my family just up the street, along with his family, and fabulous friends! Our bed just feels so empty without him.Don't get me wrong...I love the extra space allowing me to release my limbs like a flailing octapus whenever I please, but I would give that up anyday to be able to snuggle up right behind him. He will  be home in 17 days! Yes, I am counting. So, while I am waiting up to talk to him on skype ( I love the 18 hour time difference...Awesome!) I decided to do a blog post tribute to him. It's gonna be mushy and gushy and sickening so prepare yourselves. Why do I love him so much? Well here it is folks:

1. This sounds so terribly vain...but he spoils me rotten! I don't deserve it, but I do love it.

2. He often does laundry and always cleans the house! One of a kind.

3. He gives me foot massages even when I don't ask for them? I bet you've never heard of that before!

4. He loves me despite of my harmfully habitual obsession with cupcakes and anything sweet...he'll even indulge alongside me, yet always stops me when I've gone too far. Thank goodness!

5. He's wickedly clever and smart. He got a 4.0 this semester at Westminster! Our kids have hope!

6. He never fails to see the good in others and in life. Even when I can't possibly seem to find one good thing about something or someone, he always does.

7. He teases me relentlessly. I hate it. But I love it.

8. He loves his mama like a boy should. I know he will always treat me right because he always treats her right.

9. He's a baby whisperer! When we babysat the cute Parkinson family a few weeks ago...he could calm the raging sea that was the two year old suffering from incoming molars with a soft coo and the touch of his hand. I've married a miracle worker!

10. He is my very best friend. He always makes me laugh my head off. He is a dork with me and he loves me just the way I am!

Just look at that face of gold! He melts hearts everywhere. Good thing I'm the only one who melts his! Ha! Suckers!

We're intense....Or at least I am. Thank heavens he puts up with me!

You know what I'm gonna do when he comes home? Plant a big, wet, long one on him. Just like this. You better believe its gonna be AWESOME!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm a weird word/phrases person. I go through stages where I like to say the same phrase or word multiple times a day. Like so much that it gets annoying. Example: "The bees"..."I love you like the bees"...."I'm hungry as the bees"..."I'm tired as the bees". Weird I know. Much to the pleasure of my Husband, "the bees" is beginning fade out, replaced by "AWESOME!" But not just plain old awesome....AHASUUUUUUM! With a punch at the beginning led by a long drug out suuuuuuuum!!! It kinda makes me sound Asian. I love it.

Here are some awesome things in life lately:

Bruges Waffles....Oh so good

Tomorrow will be two months for us! Oh I love you Mr.!!

Babysitting Baby Audrey....She's such a Diva

Our new house!!!!!

Snuggling all night long with Mr. He's so comfy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bride to Be!!

Mrs. Bailee Hunt. Doesn't it sound nice? In 22 days my best friend in this whole world is going to be married for all time and eternity to the love of her life!! I am so excited for them!!! We had a little celebration shower last night. We ate, talked, and giggled like little girls. It was so much fun! Bailee is the best friend I could ever ask for...she's practically my double. She knows me so well and I am so lucky to have her. AS is Mr. Brady!! Bailee is the kindest, sweetest, funniest (seriously, she cracks me up), most selfless person you'll ever meet. I am so excited for them to seal the deal so they can join this band of married hooligans and we can have crazy hooligan parties together! Oh I am so excited! I Love You  Bai!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

At Last!

WE ARE MARRIED! Married at last! after 4 years of dating and 10 months of engagement...we were ready! MAY 7, 2011 was such an amazing day. We were blessed with BEAUTIFUL weather. The temple was amazing...most definitely my favorite part of the day. It was awesome to be surrounded by all of our closest family and friends. The spirit was so strong and it felt so good to finally know that we are sealed together forever! We came out of the temple to see so many screaming friends and family. Everyone was so supportive. The reception was such a blast! We saw so many people, we boogied out on the dance floor, we ate cake...or more like I got cake stuffed up my nose, and we ended the night with a dramatic exit through the RING OF FIRE! Ha. It was just a path through friends and family holding giant sparklers. You know how you have dreamt about your wedding day since you were a five year old little girl? Well I have too, and it was more than I could have ever hoped for! I am so blessed to have had such loving parents and family, an amazing fantastic photographer....(Kate Benson...she really is the bomb. If you need pictures taken for anything you MUST use her...she is the best), awesome videographers (Haugen Creative...if you haven't seen their stuff yet, you must. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.), and the amazing team of Linda Winnie/Lisa Davies to do flowers and decorations. Oh and not to mention the most perfect and wonderful groom ever! He's pretty darn handsome, and cute, and funny, and amazing, and I wont carry on for the sake of making you sick. Overall, It was awesome!